Danny Dyer is to host a US version of the game show 'The Wall'.

Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer

The 'EastEnders' actor has recently proved a hit on the box outside of playing his Queen Vic landlord alter-ego Mick Carter on the BBC One soap, with a stint hosting 'Have I Got News For You' and discovering his family's royal connections on the historical documentary 'Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family'.

According to a source, the BBC are hoping the 41-year-old star - who found out in 2016 that he is related to Thomas Cromwell, Edward III, William the Conqueror and Henry III while he was filming for 'Who Do You think You Are?' - can help them have a "hit" with the Saturday night show, which will be based on the American version, which sees contestants drop balls into slots on a pegboard in a bid to win millions, as they know the nation loves Danny's "banter and humour".

An insider told The Sun Online: "In the eyes of bosses Danny can do no wrong and they think it could give them a Saturday night hit outside of 'Strictly'.

"Danny's banter and humour is why the public like him and they're hoping to capitalise on that."

Though it's "early days", Danny is reportedly set to head out to Poland to get the ball rolling and start filming - and the show could be on screens before the end of 2019.

The source added: "If it all lines up well they want it on TV later this year.

"It's still early days but if it works and commissioners like it then there's no reason why it couldn't be a hit."

The British broadcaster has reassured fans that 'The Wall' wouldn't have any impact on Danny's job at 'EatEnders'.

They said: "The game show is not expected to affect his EastEnders commitments."

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