Danny Dyer pranked his daughter Dani as she co-hosted the 'Capital Breakfast' show on Friday (10.08.18).

Danny and Dani Dyer

Danny and Dani Dyer

The 'EastEnders' star pretended to be a member of the public, calling in to ask the 'Love Island' winner about her sex life, and she was mortified when she found out who she was really speaking to.

Introducing Danny, who pretended to be alter-ego 'Johnny', host Roman Kemp said: "We've got a caller on line one, good morning caller, what's your name and where are you from?"

Danny then went on to ask an "awkward" question for his daughter by attempting to find out how she was getting on in the "Do Bits Society" - a term coined in the ITV2 show's villa to mean going further than kissing with your partner.

Obligingly answering, Dani said: "Oh God ... is that a question, or is that a fact? How am I getting on? Erm, it's fun ... you know what, a lady never tells. That's all I'm gonna say."

It was then that Danny revealed himself, putting his normal accent back on, and telling her: "Really? Do you know what Dan, that's a right good answer."

Elsewhere on the show, Dani revealed what happened when her father came face-to-face with her boyfriend Jack Fincham - who she met on the ITV2 show - for the first time.

Speaking about celebrating her 22nd birthday earlier this week, she said: "It was so lovely. It's been really busy so it was nice to just chill with my family. It was really nice because Jack met my family.

"We had an Indian take-away and me dad's jumped in the motor and gone, 'Go on mate, have them, have them, get the bags.'

"Jack's holding these bags smiling like, 'Alright Dan, I'll take them for you.' "

Dani Dyer was co-hosting Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp. Tune into Capital Breakfast, week days from 6am - 10am and Saturdays from 6am - 9am.

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