Danny Dyer isn't "ready" to have his own reality show.

Danny and Dani Dyer

Danny and Dani Dyer

The 'EastEnders' actor had been expected to team up with his daughter Dani Dyer for a family fly-on-the-wall series, but the 'Love Island' winner insists that's not the case as she's busy making a programme with boyfriend Jack Fincham and her famous dad doesn't want to be involved.

She told Metro newspaper: "I wanted to put the record straight on this one.

"Jack and me are filming something for ITVBe at the moment, while we're being followed around by cameras.

"I can't tell you much more than that for now but hopefully the people who followed and supported us on 'Love Island' will enjoy it.

"My family aren't involved - so there ain't no big 'Kardashian' type show coming up with the Dyers, sorry to disappoint.

"Don't think my dad's ready for that yet!"

Dani's update comes a few weeks after she gave some heavy hints she was making a reality show with her dad.

Asked to confirm whether or not talks have taken place, she said: "Yes, there's been talks about it, but we're gonna see.

"You know, it's one of them things that's just like once you commit, you commit.

"Yeah, as a family. Oh god, I'm giving out some spoilers!"

When pressed for more details, the 22-year-old beauty hinted: "It could possibly, potentially happen next year, yeah."

Dani's dad Danny, 41, recently gave fans hope about the show, admitting he would do it "for the right money".

He said: "It'll either be brilliant and amazing, or a total car crash. Maybe we should give it to them for the right money?"

Danny said he's already working with his daughter on something top secret, and admitted he'd like them to both star on the big screen together.

He said: "We want to do a film together too, not just selling."

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