Danny Dyer says his 'EastEnders' exit will be "very powerful", and the door will be left open for a potential return "as far as [he] knows".

Danny Dyer says his EastEnders exit will be very powerful

Danny Dyer says his EastEnders exit will be very powerful

The 44-year-old star has spoken for the first time about quitting the BBC One soap, admitting that while it will be a "sad year" for him as he bows out of the show as Mick Carter at some point in 2022, he isn't being killed off.

He said: "Mick's exit is going to be a very, very powerful thing. I would love the door to be left open, and as far as I know it is.

"So who knows. When I go out there and I fail miserably I can come back with my tail between my legs and go, 'Will you take me back?'

"But I just want to send out some love to everyone at 'EastEnders'. I love you all very much.

"It'll be a sad year for me, but I'm also very excited about it. So we're going to attack this year, and we're going to make this year a f****** special one."

Danny also admitted he isn't departing Albert Square after falling out with anyone, he is simply looking for another challenge in life, as he searches for that "defining role" in his career.

He said on his podcast 'Sorted with the Dyers': "The big news is I've decided not to renew my contract. That's all.

"That's not because I've fallen out with anybody, I love everybody. That job has been amazing for me. It's an important part of television.

"I'm grateful for the beautiful years I've had there. I'm going to miss the people massively. It's me taking a risk.

"I know some people will be jumping for joy at the idea of me leaving EastEnders, there will be others who are quite disappointed. Other people will wish me the best for the future.

"There's no big story around it, really. Other than the fact I've decided to go off and try some other stuff.

"I'm 44 now, and I've had nine years of playing Mick and I think he needs to be rested. I'm still looking for that defining role."

Danny's comments come after it was revealed last weekend that the star will be departing the soap later this year.

A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "Danny has offers coming in left right and centre, and a lot of the things he has wanted to do he can’t because 'EastEnders' have such strict rules about what he can and can’t do.

"It’s driven him mad at times and he’s now ready for a change.

"But it hasn’t been easy to walk away, BBC bosses have been desperate to keep him."

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