Danny Dyer believes aliens "live among us" and are annoyed that we have "f***** up the planet".

Danny Dyer believes in aliens

Danny Dyer believes in aliens

The 44-year-old soap star - who hosted BBC documentary 'I Believe in UFOs: Danny Dyer' in 2010 - has recalled spotting some extra-terrestrials, and he doesn't think they are too pleased about global warming.

Speaking on his and daughter Dani Dyer's 'Sorted with the Dyers' podcast, he said: "I have seen a couple. I won’t go into it now. 'Aliens, they are among us. They’re about at the moment because they can see how much we’re destroying this f****** planet.' "

The actor - who is known for playing Mick Carter in BBC One soap 'EastEnders' - went on to tell all about his knowledge of aliens to a podcast listener who had written in for advice.

He added: "There’s the Greys, which are the commonest ones with the massive heads.

"You can go right back to the Egyptian times and some of the stuff they were scratching on walls says it all. The only way you could declare that you were visited by an alien was by scratching it on a f****** wall."

Danny made the comments when 'Love Island' star Dani attempted to reason that there "must have been something" for the listener to have been "ghosted" in the first place.

She said: "There's gotta be something, isn't there? For him to just to completely cut her off, block her on Facebook.

"He really doesn't want nothing to do with her. Now they've sadly lost contact - we don't know why. Then they started talking again and now he's gone again, it's very odd, dad."

Danny said: "Aliens," to which his daughter confirmed she too believes in extra-terrestrial life, saying: "I really believe that, dad. I believe in aliens."

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