Danny Grant has become the first contestant to get the boot from 'The Apprentice'.

Danny Grant

Danny Grant

The new series of the reality TV show returned to screens tonight (04.10.17) as Lord Sugar put 18 new candidates through their paces in a burger making task to find out who has the potential to be his business partner and receive his £250,000 investment.

However, unfortunately for the 32-year-old online retailer owner, his dreams of going into partnership with the business magnate have been cut short early on as he was fired from the show after his team lost the meat making challenge by a huge margin.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Danny said: "It doesn't feel great to be the first one to go out. I was obviously a long way from winning. There's some really strong candidates in there - girls and boys - and to be honest, it didn't look like anyone really stood out in that first task. Everyone was still trying to find their feet."

The candidates - who were separated into boys and girls - were challenged with the task of coming up with their own meat feasts,, whereby they had to choose the animal they'd use, make the burgers, create the packaging and sell as many as they can.

Danny - who was project manager of the boys' team - failed to lead his group to success as they didn't leave the factory until 1pm and chose Brixton as their location.

After realising that no one was around in the South London district, Danny made the swift decision to move to Shoreditch, East London, where they sold loads of burgers.

However, it still wasn't enough as the girls had spent the whole day flogging their burgers and had managed to save cash by picking a low-quality cheap meat.

Danny explained: "We made a bloody good burger. Those buffalo burgers were good. They had a good profit margin. If we had people to sell them to, we would have smashed it. It would've been the biggest man-side victories in 'Apprentice' history."

'The Apprentice' will return to screens on October 11 at 9pm on BBC One.