Danny Miller admits it can be "difficult" leaning in to kiss Ryan Hawley on 'Emmerdale' - but feels grateful they have become "so close" off-set.

Danny Miller

Danny Miller

The 27-year-old star's character Aaron Dingle is set to marry Ryan's alter-ego Robert Sugden tonight (05.10.18) after a four-year on/off relationship, and Danny counts himself as "lucky" to have become such good pals with his 33-year-old co-star.

He said: "When Ryan and I began this journey I don't think either of us knew where it was going to go. It was a kiss on a country lane and we didn't know whether it would turn into an affair that was never going to go anywhere. Four years later we're now tying the knot and making it official.

"It's strange because me and Ryan are so close now. He's a really good friend of mine, and we get on so well on set. It helps because it can be difficult leaning in for a kiss with a beard.

"He's great and I'm lucky to work with such a good lad."

Robert and Aaron had an unofficial wedding ceremony last year, but they will tie the knot legally this time, and Danny hinted fans shouldn't prepare themselves for much of a drama-hit nuptials.

He said: "There's no legal binding contract, so I think that was the idea of the producers that they wanted to have the happily ever after and do it officially.

"I'd love to tease you and say there's drama but it's just two best friends are getting married, and the village are there to watch it."

The pair's characters have become known as Robron by soap super-fans, and Danny admits the nickname is much better than when Aaron was going out with Jackson Walsh (Marc Silcock).

Speaking on 'This Morning', he added: "The fans have kept pushing for them. The fans are amazing.

"Years ago I had a relationship with a character called Jackson and it was Aar-son. Not the best name is it?

"The fans have put them together as Robron, so it's become a bit of a talked about subject on Twitter."

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