Danny Walters wants Tom Hardy to be cast in 'EastEnders' as his on-screen dad.

Danny Walters

Danny Walters

The 24-year-old actor has been told he looks like he could be the 'Peaky Blinders' star's son on social media which got him thinking that Tom could be the ideal person to portray his character Keanu Taylor's father.

He said: "I've definitely been thinking about who could come in and play him. Is Tom Hardy available? That would be amazing.

"I did see someone called me 'Tom Hardy's love child' on social media.

"The comparison is certainly flattering."

Danny's thoughts also came after Roger Griffiths joined 'EastEnders' as Keanu's brother Keegan Baker's (Zack Morris) dad Mitch Baker. But his arrival sparks concern for Keanu about his family.

Danny said: "Keegan has grown up without Mitch. But there's a part of him that would like a father figure in his life, so he does start to warm to Mitch.

"Keanu is the only one who seems to realise how manipulative Mitch can be, and he's worried that both Karen and Keegan could be left devastated."

Mitch puts a spanner in the works when he tells Keegan he knows a secret about Keanu's father - and Keegan has to decide whether to let his sibling know or not.

Danny added to Inside Soap magazine: "Keanu gets very touchy whenever anyone mentions his dad.

"He doesn't know much about him apart from what Keanu has told him. Keanu isn't someone who likes to share his emotions, so he puts up his defences and shuts down any dscussion about it.

"But if Keegan reveals the secret he's found out about Keanu's father, I'm sure Keanu won't take it well."

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