Dara O Briain says the new generation of 'Blockbusters' contestants are very polite.

Dara O Briain

Dara O Briain

The 47-year-old comedian is hosting Comedy Central's reboot of the popular trivia game show - which was hosted by Bob Holness in the 1980s on ITV - and he has been nothing but impressed with the "delightful" young quizzers who have competed on the programme.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, Dara said: "We've been very mean about millennials when they're actually quite delightful, work very hard and know lots of things. They don't just eat avocado toast and Instagram themselves on beaches."

If Dara was to stop asking the questions and be a competitor on the hexagon board he would have his childhood teddy bear as his mascot.

He said: "There's as teddy bear I had as a child that we passed on to our own children, who have buried it at the back of a box somewhere. They regard it with no affection so maybe it would be that."

Dara has got a very busy 2019 ahead of him as he will be hosting 'Blockbusters', BBC game show 'Family Brain Games', 'Stargazing Live' and will be back in his usual seat on satirical panel programme 'Mock The Week' when he's not touring his latest stand-up show 'Voice of Reason'.

The Irish funnyman is looking forward to having a well-deserved rest later this year but is sure he'll soon be itching to get back to work.

He said: "'Blockbusters' will run for a year and we've got 'Family Brain Games' on the BBC in June. 'Stargazing' is back - we're going to Cape Kennedy in March to look at the next generation of space travel.

"'Mock The Week' as well, but once this tour is done perhaps a little bit of normal life before my wife finds me sitting at home, drumming my fingers, and orders me out of the house."