David Easter has hinted Hollyoaks' Marnie and James Nightingale could fall foul of his character's "revenge".

David Easter as Mac

David Easter as Mac

The 58-year-old actor will reprise his role as evil Mac Nightingale in the coming episodes, and he has dropped a huge hint that he may not be shooting too many more scenes with his alter-ego's wife and son - played by Lysette Anthony and Gregory Finnegan - admitting the Nightingales are "terrified" of him.

He said: "The family are in complete turmoil over his return! They are terrified that he could be out for revenge.

"I love doing scenes with Greg and Lysette. They are awesome. I have no doubt we will be filming lots of scenes together in the future ... or will we?"

While Mac's family aren't pleased he is back after he miraculously recovered from locked-in syndrome, David is delighted to have returned to filming.

He added: "It's fantastic to be back! I love playing the bad man, it's so much more fun. It's the return of the Mac!"

And while David has hinted at revenge, he also admitted Mac is keen to get his life back on track on the village.

He added: "The village is his life, he loves many people there. He wants to claim back his old life and everything he's lost.

"I'm sure that Mac desperately wants to change his ways, get the pub back, and to make amends with his family ... but the question is, can he?"

Mac was diagnosed with locked-in syndrome after his daughter Ellie Nightingale (Sophie Porley) pushed him out of the window at The Dog In The Pond at the end of last year.