David Tennant says deciding the next Doctor Who is a "big decision" he wouldn't want to make.

David Tennant refuses to suggest a new Doctor Who

David Tennant refuses to suggest a new Doctor Who

The 50-year-old actor played the 10th iteration of the titular Time Lord from 2005 to 2010, and he refused to offer up suggestions of who he would choose to take over from Jode Whittaker when she retires from the role on the iconic BBC sci-fi series in 2022 when asked.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: “Hmm. Well it’s a big decision to make, isn’t it? I’m glad I’m not making the decision. “It’s a part that can sort of go anywhere, and yet you just know when that casting is right.

“It’s very hard to pluck someone out and drop them in it. So I’m glad I don’t have to decide. Was that a good dodge to your question?”

The man with the hardest decision on his hands is showrunner Russell T Davies, who is returning following the exit of Chris Chibnall, who will depart along with the programme's first-ever female Doctor.

Omari Douglas is said to be the new frontrunner to play the titular Time Lord.

The 'It's A Sin' star is thought to be the "perfect candidate" to replace Jodie, who has shot her final scenes.

A TV insider said earlier this month: "Omari is the perfect candidate on so many levels, including the fact that the BBC said they’d prefer the Doctor to be played by a non-white actor."

Omari is also no stranger to returning 'Doctor Who' showrunner Russell, who wrote and created Channel 4 drama 'It's A Sin'.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper: "He has also struck up the kind of close working relationship with Russell that helped Christopher [Eccleston] and David [Tennant] get the sought-after role.

"And although he’s not quite a household name yet, he’s proved he's a great actor with a memorable performance in 'It’s A Sin'."

Screenwriter Russell brought 'Doctor Who' back to screens in 2005, and he will be responsible for overseeing the show's 60th anniversary in 2023 and beyond.

Jodie recently admitted she "cried her eyes out" after she shot her final scenes as the Time Lord.

She told BANG Showbiz: "Letting go of it, I feel I’ll be filled with a lot of grief because even thinking about it makes me upset. But this show needs new energy.

"The joy of this part is that you hand on your boots. I don’t know who to, but whoever it is, what a thing to be able to go, 'You’re going to have a right time. If everyone comes up to you forever going ‘I’m a Doctor Who fan’ then that’s an absolute joy. Of all the things you're always going to be associated with, thank God it’s the thing I’ve loved so much."

Omari's 'It's A Sin' co-stars Olly Alexander and Lydia West have also been linked to the Time Lord role.