David Walliams' childhood ambition was to be a detective.

David Walliams

David Walliams

The 43-year-old star is very excited about his role in 'Partners in Crime' - an Agatha Christie drama in which he and Jessica Raine play husband-and-wife sleuth team Tommy and Tuppence - because he is finally fulfilling a youthful dream.

He said: "I was about 10 years old when I watched 'Murder On The Orient Express' on TV and I thought the twist at the end was mind-blowing.

"As a kid I actually wanted to be a detective. I put a little sign on my bedroom door saying, 'Detective For Hire' but no one ever hired me."

David is best known for his comic work and he admits 'Partners In Crime' was something of a "challenge" for his acting skills.

He said: "There are some quite heavy scenes and it's a challenge for me because it's not something I've generally done before but it's exciting, and there is humour in the couple's relationship."

And the 'Britain's Got Talent' judge is hopeful the drama will be successful with viewers so he can return to the role.

Asked if he will be back as Tommy, he told Closer magazine: "We certainly hope so. There are more books to adapt and it's been a real pleasure filming these two stories.

"But ultimately it's what the public think - and if they enjoy it I'm sure there will be more.

"It's been a brilliant adventure making it."

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