David Witts would like to go back to 'EastEnders'.

David Witts

David Witts

The 27-year-old actor admitted it would be "hard" to turn down the chance of rejoining the soap as Joey Branning, almost five years after his departure, though he'd have to pile on the pounds to take on the role again.

Asked if he'd go back to 'EastEnders', he said: "Yeah, of course. The interesting thing about EastEnders is, I would need to gain about 10lbs in weight just to do that role again, because I was so much heavier back then.

"Like I said before, I don't really have fixed plans now going forward. So if at one point there is an opportunity to go back and it works out, then they're very hard gigs to turn down.

"'EastEnders' is an iconic show and it's hugely successful. You absolutely can never kind of pooh-pooh that idea of going back to something so successful."

However, David admitted it is unlikely he would be asked back because his character no longer has any ties to Albert Square.

He told DigitalSpy: "That being said, I can't imagine they'll ask, though. I think everyone's dead in my family, aren't they?

"So if 'EastEnders' ever wanted me to pop back for a bit, then I'd absolutely think about that. But I just can't imagine they will, because I don't think there's anyone there in terms of a story that would bring Joey back.

"Or maybe that's it - he just pops back for one episode, and realises no-one's there, and then leaves: 'Ah, OK, everyone's dead. OK, I'll go then!'"

The actor isn't looking for a job on another soap because he thinks it would be hard for viewers to buy into seeing him as a long-term face on another show.

He said: "I'm not sure I'd do another soap, just because I think sometimes that's a bit odd, isn't it, for a viewer to see somebody pop up in something else? But you can never say never with these things. Every job that I'm able to do within this industry is a massive gift."