Davina McCall has "no idea" whether 'Big Brother' will make a comeback.

Davina McCall

Davina McCall

The 52-year-old TV star hosted the iconic show during its run on Channel 4 between 2000 and 2010, and despite recent calls for the return of 'Big Brother', Davina doesn't know what the future holds.

The presenter - who recently hosted 'Big Brother: Best Shows Ever' alongside Rylan Clark-Neal - told HuffPostUK: "TV is in such turmoil at the moment, as far as what's going to be made and what's not going to be made.

"I've got no idea if there are any plans on the table for 'Big Brother', all I know is that I loved presenting that show with Rylan."

Davina recently appeared to hint that she was eager to host a rebooted version of the programme.

But now, she has played down talk of the show's return.

Davina explained: "Basically Scott [Mills] said to me, 'If it came back, would you do it?' and I said, 'Yeah of course I would' - that's because me and Scott are massive 'Big Brother' fans.

"But it's not like I've sat down and really thought about it and decided to make an announcement to say 'I want to host 'Big Brother' again.' It's not like that."

Despite this, Davina admitted that hosting the recent 'Big Brother' special felt "just like the old days".

She also explained that if the show does return to TV screens, it would need to evolve from its original incarnation.

The popular presenter said: "We live in a different world to 10 years ago, so who knows what shape 'Big Brother' would be in if it came back. It's a funny one."