Davina McCall suffers with "imposter syndrome".

Davina McCall

Davina McCall

The 52-year-old television presenter insists she will never rest on her "laurels" when it comes to working as she worries it could be taken away from her at the drop of a hat.

She said: "Work has been ­amazing. I've got imposter syndrome, where you think someone is going tap you on the shoulder. I think everybody has it. You think, 'She can sit on her laurels', but no, never. I always just think I've had my time, maybe this is it. Ever since I left Models 1 [agency] to get into telly, I asked them to keep my job open for like five years. It was the longest ever maternity leave. I was like, 'Can I still come back if it all goes wrong?' I had that thing of where it all might still go wrong, but it just never did."

And Davina feels now is the most perfect time for older women in the television industry as executives are starting to see the "benefits" of having an older woman lead a television show.

She added: "I think we are now heading into a time where age is, in a weird way, a benefit, because of the knowledge you can have."

And as well as her professional life, Davina is incredibly content in her personal life with her new man, celebrity stylist Michael Douglas.

Speaking about her new love, she told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "This year has been amazing. I have got a new man. I'm very happy. All in all it's been a great year. I am enjoying life so much."