Dawn French has only been drunk six times in her life.

Dawn French

Dawn French

'The Vicar of Dibley' star has estimated that she's been intoxicated only a handful of times during her 63 years, as she never saw the fun in being under the influence of alcohol.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I don’t get drunk. I think I’ve been actually drunk six times in my whole life. I’m 63 - that’s once a decade. It’s not enough, is it?"

Dawn is now wishing she let loose more often - but she's always found it hard to lose control and make hasty decisions.

She explained: "I wish I’d done more impetuous decisions. I’m too considered, quite a controlled person."

Meanwhile, Dawn previously slammed "promiscuous" partygoers after watching a reality show about nightlife in Ibiza.

Dawn said: "I am shocked by how they behave.

"These girls are preloading with vodka, primping, helping each other get ready. You reckon they want to meet someone who would love, cherish and respect them. But instead they go out and get utterly hammered and are s******* in a bush and coming out and going ‘Yes!’, like men.

"I don't believe that you feel good about yourself the day after that. I don't think boys do particularly either. Is that what women threw themselves in front of horses for? For this? For girls to be as low as those awful boys? What have we done? How did we go wrong?

"They have mothers who love them. What's happened that they don't value their body or that they don't mind any of this? Am I totally out of step? Is it really OK to be as sexually free as you like and as drunk as you like? I don't buy it. It feels wrong to me."

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