Though it's the general consensus that Marvel wins out against DC when it comes to the movie universe, the latter company is making some serious money when it comes to their television shows.

The Flash / Credit: The CW

The Flash / Credit: The CW

Jeff Bewkes, chairman at Warner Brothers revealed some huge figures for the DCEU's television series at an investment conference this week, according to a report from THR. Bewkes revealed that shows such as Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow are generating over a billion dollars each year for DC's parent company, Time Warner.

10 DC series are either currently on the air or in production, with other series including The Flash, iZombie, Supergirl and Preacher.

Whilst it may seem instantly obvious who's winning out in the comic book cinematic universe world, when the numbers are really crunched and television is taken into consideration, it's a little harder to find out who's actually coming out on top.

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