Deaf 'Strictly Come Dancing' star Rose Ayling-Ellis will feel the beat of the music through "vibrations".

Rose Ayling-Ellis

Rose Ayling-Ellis

The 'EastEnders' actress became the first-ever deaf actor on the soap when she joined the cast as Frankie Lewis last year, and she has vowed to clear up any "stereotypes and misconceptions" about being deaf with her upcoming stint on the BBC One Latin and ballroom competition.

She said: "A lot of people think that deaf people can't hear the music, enjoy the music, and enjoy dancing, so I thought it would be a good platform for me to break that stereotype.

"It is a common misconception that deaf people can't enjoy music."

However, she does struggle to hear the "exact words" in songs.

She explained: "I have a hearing aid, so I pick up some of the music and I can hear the beat. I can hear someone singing, but I can't identify exact words. I also feel the vibrations."

On how she will keep to the beat, she added: "I will be focusing on reading my partner's body language plus counting in my head, which will help me with timing.

"So for me it's a combination of everything.

"However, not all deaf people are the same, every deaf person will have their own unique experience with music.

I do love music and I can't wait to be taught how to dance at a professional level for 'Strictly'!"

The show's executive producer Sarah James has revealed they have learned to "adapt" to support Rose - their first deaf contestant - and the entire team has even completed "deaf awareness training" to understand her needs.

She told the BBC: "Already, the team and I have learned a lot from Rose.

"She's an amazing person, she is also very honest about what she needs and what we need to adapt, so it's been an ongoing conversation.

"All the team are doing deaf awareness training, which has been brilliant, and we're learning some sign language, and that's been brilliant as well."