'Death in Paradise' has been commissioned for another series.

Ardal O'Hanlon

Ardal O'Hanlon

The detective series has just had a major shake up as Ardal O'Hanlon has taken over the lead role as DI Jack Mooney following the departure of Kris Marshall - who played DI Humphrey Goodman for four years in the programme - last year, but it seems the change of hands has sat well with viewers as producers have decided to bring it back for another instalment next year after a spike in viewing figures.

Tommy Bulfin, BBC Executive Producer and Drama Commissioning Editor, said: "'Death in Paradise' is a much loved gem in the BBC One schedules and we are so delighted to announce that it will be returning in 2019 for its eighth series."

Ardal, 52, will reprise his role as DI Mooney in the eighth series, which will air next year, of the sun-soaked crime show as it continues to keep audiences guessing with intriguing mysteries, cunning plot twists and a star-studded array of guest cast.

Tim Key, Executive Producer, Red Planet Pictures, explained: "We're delighted to be returning to Saint Marie for more fun and intrigue - as well as some big surprises. It's a joy to work on a show that is so loved by its audience and we can't wait to head back to Guadeloupe and start filming later this year."

Ardal admitted that he's loving the show so much that he hopes to stick around on the island of Guadeloupe - a French overseas region - for another two decades.

He explained when asked how long he'll stay on the island for: "Twenty years at least! Maybe 30. I don't know. If I can be commissioner for the last ten years I'll be happy enough, and let someone else take over the detective role..."