Debbie McGee is "struggling" in 'Strictly Come Dancing' rehearsals.

Debbie McGee

Debbie McGee

The 59-year-old competitor has been battling a number of injuries over the last few weeks, which saw her dance through a twisted back muscle during her Blackpool performance, and it is believed the television star is feeling the pressure with the finale on December 16 pending and recently broke down in tears.

Speaking to The Sun Online about Debbie - who was married to the late Paul Daniels - a source said: "Debbie is struggling and it all got too much for her."

The former magician's assistant is juggling the popular BBC One show with her own pantomime rehearsals, as well as her injuries, and despite her busy schedule her professional dance partner, Giovanni Pernice, is not "going easy" on her during the training sessions because he is "desperate" to win the glitter ball trophy.

The insider continued: "She's finding practice increasingly difficult to get through and Giovanni isn't going easy on her. He's desperate to win."

However, the intense rehearsals are taking its toll on Debbie who is left "exhausted".

The source said: "And [Giovanni] is pushing Debbie but some days she's exhausted. Perhaps he forgets sometimes that Debbie is a lot older than her competitors."

Debbie has regularly been visiting a physiotherapist in a bid to ease the pain of her multiple injuries.

Speaking previously, she said: "The samba really pulled the muscles over my hip bones. It actually felt like a tendon had gone over my hip bone, and when I put my weight on my left foot it kept giving way and my leg was buckling.

"I had more physio after Saturday. They gave me ice packs. "I had to go back to the hotel and soak in a bath and put an ice pack on.

"I have got a few bruises."