Dermot O'Leary is writing a new children's book.

Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O'Leary

The 'X Factor' presenter - who released his first novel 'Toto The Ninja Cat And The Great Snake Escape' last year - has penned a sequel called 'Toto The Ninja Cat And The Incredible Cheese Heist', and the tome is due to hit shelves in September.

Dermot has also teased the possibility of his book series getting a TV adaptation - or maybe even a big screen movie.

Asked if there are plans to turn his character into a cartoon series or film, he is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying: "It's been talked about."

Dermot - who is married to television producer Dee Koppang - has opened up about his different career ambitions in the past, and revealed earlier this year he always wanted to be an actor before he landed a job as a TV presenter.

He said: "We watch a lot of drama.

"I can't get enough of it, and I love 'The Crown'. I wanted to be an actor when I started out, and watching drama was like reading a book to me - you don't want to wish your way through the best bits. I like to experience and savor the moments."

And while they're both busy with their own careers, the 44-year-old star and his wife - whom he married in 2012 - try to make time for each other by comparing their diaries.

He explained: "You muddle through. We're not any different to any couple that both work, but we do go through our diaries together."

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