Master illusionist and mind-bender Derren Brown will return this week (October 19), with his first ever exclusive special for Netflix. Sacrifice will take one politically right-leaning American and put him in the centre of an elaborate hoax, climaxing with a set-up scene where an illegal immigrant will face a life or death situation.

Derren hopes he can work on his subject successfully enough that at this point, he'll step out in front of the gun and take the bullet for the non-American, but whether he'll get the job done with what looks to be his toughest challenge to-date remains to be seen. You can find out more about the show in the first look trailer below:

Sacrifice will span two continents and draw not only on the expertise of Brown's psychological covert techniques, but that of actors, stunt coordinators and ballistic experts, to come up with the dire scenario of a complete stranger being threatened with their life.

Brown is of course an extremely clever man, and he's likely very aware that this show will cause controversy, as has much of his work in the past. One thing remains certain however; his work and manipulation of the mind remains as interesting and intriguing today as it did when he first showcased his abilities on a grand stage.

Sacrifice officially debuts on Netflix this coming Friday, October 19, 2018.

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