The 'Doctor Who' cast are made to go through body scanners to prevent them from leaking the storylines.

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh - who will play the time-travelling alien's companion Graham in the sci-fi show - has confirmed he and his new co-stars, including the new Doctor Jodie Whittaker, will start filming for the new series this week but there are some extensive security procedures in place to stop any spoilers.

Speaking on 'Sunday Brunch' yesterday (12.11.17), he said: "My character's name is Graham and that's all they've told me. You have to go through a body scanner to check you have no recording devices on you. It's really peculiar. That [filming] starts next week, sometime. I watched it as a young boy... when it was in black and white and very provocative. And I remember being bought a dalek, driving my mum and dad mad... and now 50 years later I may get to play with real daleks!

Meanwhile, fans were in for a treat last week when the BBC released the first image of Jodie - who was cast as the Thirteenth Doctor in the summer - in her official outfit which is comprised of teal cropped trousers with yellow braces, as well as a striped jumper and a long trench coat.

Already fans have begun to discuss the look and there appears to be references to previous incarnations of the Time Lord in her outfit.

Donning braces has already been done before, most recently by Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, and the colours of the stripe going across her navy blue T-shirt are the same as the colours included in Fourth Doctor Tom Baker's unforgettable over-sized scarf.

Whilst both Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and Tenth Doctor David Tennant were both fans of a trench coat.

However, the Doctor gets to have her own feminine fashion by wearing two earrings in her left ear.

The former 'Broadchurch' star, 35, is set to make her debut in the sci-fi show when the Twelfth Doctor regenerates in this year's Christmas special.

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