Jodie Whittaker says "Coldplay album covers" were behind her Doctor Who outfit.

Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker

The 36-year-old actress - who is the first ever woman to play the time-travelling alien - has revealed she needed to have "colour" and "rainbows" included in her Time Lord's outfit for the popular BBC One show.

Speaking to the Radio Times, she said: "I found an old black-and-white image on Google that spoke to me. It's of a woman walking with a purpose in crop trousers, boots, braces and a T-shirt, and she just looks so comfortable and non-gender specific - that was my style point.

"And I needed it to have colour because I respond to colour. I really love the use of colour on Coldplay album covers, which I also showed to [costume designer Ray Holman]. Which is where the rainbow came in - nothing evokes a sense of hope in me more than hundreds of rainbows!"

For Jodie's Doctor, the style includes a pair of cropped trousers with much-needed "pockets", slightly undone boots "that are comfortable to run in" and an iconic two-tone blue coat where the "exterior is day but the lining is dark blue for space" with a rainbow trim.

The former 'Broadchurch' actress admitted she "grew up" with 'Doctor Who' and when she was invited to audition, Jodie was told to be her "fidgety" self rather than "mimic a previous" Time Lord's "performance".

She added: "Chris Chibnall [the new showrunner] knew he was writing for a woman. We worked together on 'Broadchurch' and he asked me to come in to audition with my own accent, and all my fidgeting, really being me.

"I think I have an energy Chris felt would drive this part. I'm more comfortable viewing things in the child version of me than the grown-up. I wouldn't say it's being fearless - because children aren't scared they don't have the bruises - perhaps more naivety.

"I'd seen some growing up, but once I started auditioning, Chris was happy for me to come in with fresh eyes. Because of the wonders of the internet I was able to do the research thoroughly without actually watching every episode. I wanted to make sure my choices were instinctive to me, rather than mimicking a previous performance."

'Doctor Who' returns to BBC One on Sunday (07.09.18) in 'The Woman Who Fell To Earth' at 6:45pm.

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