Dom Joly

Dom Joly

Dom Joly tried to trick David Cameron on the latest series of 'Fool Britannia'.

After spotting the Prime Minister at the Cornbury Festival in Oxfordshire earlier in the year, Joly tried to approach him in his ASBO vicar disguise.

Unfortunately, the politician's security team recognised the character from the first series of the show and ruined his plans.

Dom told The Sun newspaper: "I was going around the Cornbury Festival as the vicar - pushing Portaloos over and grumbling about young people - when I saw the PM.

"Apparently it's in his constituency, so he goes with his kids every year and pretends to be hip and trendy.

"He was barefoot, in a tent selling stupid hats.

"So I got the cameras ready and went in. I was standing right next to him when his security guys stepped in and yanked me away, saying: 'Not a chance.'

"I didn't think they would know who the vicar was, but they obviously did. It was a real shame - I would have loved to have got him talking to the vicar."

Dom loves working on the show and believes he has come up with some of his best material ever after disguising himself as items of food.

He explained: "This series we really got stuck into the prosthetic side of things and it led to the best disguise I have ever done.

"It came to me one drunken night in a kebab shop. I rang my producer and said, 'I'm a bit p****d right now but I want to be a kebab - it could be wonderful.'

"Luckily he liked the idea too. It took six hours but the team made me into a full doner kebab.

"The only thing you could see was my eyes if I opened them.

"Then we set up a stall in a shopping centre in Wandsworth, South London and when people wandered up for free samples I opened my eyes - they really freaked out.

"The other great disguise was when they made my whole head into a watermelon. It took four hours and it was amazing -- but so, so creepy."

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