Dynamo has tested positive for coronavirus after experiencing "severe symptoms".



The 37-year-old magician, who suffers from Crohn's disease and arthritis, underwent a test because he is "high risk" due to his existing health issues, and he wanted to let people he had been in contact with know if he did have the virus, which has wiped out more than 47,000 people worldwide.

Speaking in a video posted on his Twitter account, he said: "Because of my existing health issues, and the fact I'm on immunosuppressive therapy, I'm at high risk.

"Secondly, although I haven't had a fever, my symptoms have been quite severe and finally, so that I was able to inform those who I've been in contact with so they can make their own relevant precautions.

"I've had my results back now and unfortunately, I have tested positive for Covid-19. This illness can effect anyone, it doesn't discriminate and it can present itself in many different ways."

But Dynamo told fans he is "over the worst of it" after a "rough couple of weeks".

He tweeted: "hi guys, hope you're all keeping safe and well. It's been a bit of a rough couple of weeks so wanted to give you an update. As you know I've had some health issues over last few years and underlying conditions make this virus particularly dangerous and very real... 1/2

"I'm incredibly relieved to be over the worst of it but wanted to let you all know what's been happening. Please take this virus seriously and remember that by staying home, you are protecting so many others. 2/2 (sic)"

News of Dynamo's diagnosis comes after he took to Twitter earlier this week to reveal his new Sky One show, 'Dynamo Beyond Belief', is kicking off next week.

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