Dynamo is to return to TV with a new magic show.



The 35-year-old magician will head back to the small screen for a pilot episode of 'Every Trick In The Book', and if the programmes proves successful then the sorcerer - whose Crohn's disease recently flared up - could land a full series.

A TV insider told The Sun's Bizarre TV column: "It's fair to say that Dynamo's had a terrible time in recent months but this might just be the launchpad for a TV comeback that he really needs.

"It is great news for fans."

This comes after Dynamo - whose real name is Steven Frayne - revealed in April he had developed arthritis due to his ongoing battle with Crohn's disease, putting his career in doubt.

He said: "I think it's made me quite handsome.

"No, it's definitely had a toll on my body. I've put on two stone, which is quite strange.

"One of the main impacts for me is that it's given me arthritis.

"Being a magician, I'm not able to use my hands, like I normally would ... I'm working with a physio, with the doctors, to find the way to get the right medication, the right treatment, so hopefully I can come back and do new magic in the future."

Dynamo gained weight as a side effect from the medication he had to take, and admitted he had been trying out more tricks with his mind, which he said was "still in tact, touch wood".

He added: "I've taken this time to evaluate my approach to magic and other parts of life."

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