Faye Daveney has joined 'EastEnders' as Stuart Highway's estranged daughter.

Ricky Champ

Ricky Champ

The former 'The Bill' actress will portray Zara in the BBC One soap, and the no-nonsense character will kick off when she finds out her father Stuart - played by Ricky Champ - has been shot.

A TV source said: "Faye will only be in it for a few episodes but she sure makes a name for herself."

Fiery Zara will waste no time making her mark in Albert Square when she slaps her uncle, Callum 'Halfway' Highway (Tony Clay) and rushes to the hospital to be with her dad.

The source added to The Sun's Bizarre TV column: "Callum tells Zara about Stuart getting shot and she rushes to be at her father's bedside.

"Zara demands answers from Halfway and tensions quickly rise and she ends up slapping her uncle."

Stuart was recently shot in the latest 'EastEnders' whodunnit, and viewers are yet to discover the identity of the attacker.

But Ricky did himself some real damage while shooting a scene with Danny Dyer - who plays Mick Carter - recently, leaving him requiring hospital treatment.

He was left with a hairline fracture in his foot while portraying his character smashing up his flat following a massive fight with Queen Vic landlord Mick.

Ricky recently said: "I had to trash the apartment where I live and smash down on a table, it was a small hairline fracture in a metatarsal, a footballer's injury.

"I had a nice schedule afterwards, got to sit down ... it was fine in the end."

'EastEnders' were recently forced to defend the soap after police chiefs issued a warning to the public advising against becoming predator hunters, after Stuart was revealed to be a paedophile-hunter.

An 'EastEnders' spokesperson said: "At no point is 'EastEnders' encouraging or glamorising predator hunting."