Jake Wood has called for Jo Joyner to make an 'EastEnders' return so his character can settle down with her alter-ego.

Jake Wood

Jake Wood

The 46-year-old actor believes his bad boy character Max Branning "should be with" his ex-wife Tanya Cross, admitting it is a "shame" it didn't work out between the former couple.

He said: "I'd say Tanya is probably the one he should be with.

"He had the perfect family there for about 10 minutes - but the problem with Max is that he can't see what's under his nose, can he?

"So, what a shame that it didn't work out. But you know, it's Max."

A Max and Tanya reunion looks unlikely, particularly given that he's married to her sister Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks).

But the podcast presenter would love his alter-ego to hook up with Stacey Fowler - who Max previously an affair with, leading to the break-up of his marriage to Tanya - again so he can spend more time acting alongside Lacey Turner.

He added to Inside Soap magazine: "I've always thought that it would be interesting if Max and Stacey got married.

"I don't know if that's something 'EastEnders' has planned for will ever do, but personally I think that would be really interesting.

"On a selfish level, I hope they do more together, as Lacey is a great actress. Maybe it'll happen sometime down the road."

Jake is to take a short break from the show early next year when he heads off for a live tour with his boxing podcast 'Pound for Pound', which he hosts alongside former pro boxer Spencer Oliver.

An 'EastEnders' spokesperson recently told BANG Showbiz: "Jake will take some time off early next year, but he will return to filming after a short time away."

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