Danny Dyer is a "natural ginger".

Danny Dyer is a 'natural ginger'

Danny Dyer is a 'natural ginger'

The 44-year-old actor, who starred in 2006 football film ‘All In The Game’ alongside Rey Winstone, has confessed he dyed his hair in order to land the supporting role of a football manager's son, but the actor couldn’t get the ginger dye out of his hair for months afterwards.

He said: “I’d done Football Factory and I really wanted this job. It was about football, Ray was a football manager and I played his son.

“But the director had an issue with me.

“He thought because of 'Football Factory', I was going to bring the wrong vibe to the job. Hooligans running around, that sort of stuff.

“But he said ‘Listen, the only way I can give you this job is if you dye your hair ginger. Ray was ginger when he was younger and you’re playing his son.’

“So I thought, ‘F*** it.’ You do anything for acting. So, I dyed it and it looked awful.

“I think I’ve got a slight bit of ginge about me anyway, so it brought it all out. When we went to the read-through I walked into it with a ginger nut.

“The fall out from that was I couldn’t get the ginger out. It took f***ing months and months of me trying to dye it.

“I think maybe I’m a natural ginger.”

The ‘EastEnders’ star, who will be leaving the BBC soap this year as Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter after nine years on the show, is hoping to branch out into comedy after his exit.

Speaking on the 'Sorted With the Dyers' podcast, he added: “This is something I want to delve into a little bit as well.

“You’ve got to follow your dreams. Because otherwise, what have you got? All of us should follow our dreams as human beings.”

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