EastEnders' Karen Taylor and Patrick Trueman could be set to hook up - if Lorraine Stanley has her way.

Rudolph Walker

Rudolph Walker

The 'Legend' actress is keen for her motormouth character and rum-loving Patrick (Rudolph Walker) to get drunk on the spirit and then get up close and personal while throwing some serious shapes - and she has discussed the possibility with the former 'Love Thy Neighbour' actor.

When asked who she would like Karen to have a surprise affair with, she said: "It would have to be Patrick Trueman - that would be a shocker.

"He and Karen would share a drop of rum, then she'd have a little dance with him, show off her moves.

"I've joked about it with Rudolph and he just laughs.

"He's such a lovely man - I adore him."

While Lorraine thinks Karen would like to tango with Patrick, she was more into 'Neighbours' stars when she was younger, admitting she had the hots for Jason Donovan and Guy Pearce.

Quizzed on her previous celebrity crushes, she told Inside Soap magazine: "I actually had a few. I think when I used to watch 'Neighbours' it was Guy Pearce and Jason Donovan.

"I also fancied the boy out of 'The Karate Kid' [Ralph Macchio] - I had a major crush on him."

But Lorraine has previously admitted she wouldn't mind Karen "having a go on" 'EastEnders' bad boy Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) - or even hapless club worker Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

She said: "She likes a bad boy. I've always said she might have a bit of a thing for Phil actually.

"Perhaps if something were to happen between Sharon and Keanu, Karen could have a go on Phil to get back at Sharon.

"I can see Karen with Billy, as well - but she would just wind him up, wouldn't she?"