EastEnders stars will be able to kiss on screen again - through a plastic sheet.

Stars will be filming scenes while socially distancing

Stars will be filming scenes while socially distancing

The BBC One soap will return to air with new episodes on September 7th following an enforced break due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the characters will be seen sharing smooches in Walford, as the actors do so through a Perspex screen, which will then later be edited out of the shot.

BBC drama boss Piers Wenger, said: "The remarkable thing about this time is just how much people want to work and how much writers are willing to think laterally to facilitate that.

"Everyone is massively determined. Both on EastEnders and on Pursuit of Love, which we're filming in the west country at the moment, amazing, ingenious ways have been found to get around the need to put actors in close proximity to each other."

Piers also admitted EastEnders bosses held "endless" talks about how to get production off the ground again, and the "biggest issues" were with insurance and social distancing.

Speaking to a panel at the Edinburgh TV Festival, he added: "Throughout lockdown we talked endlessly about how to get back into production, and the two biggest issues were insurance and social distancing.

"You can't tell a story without two actors being able to get within each other's eyeline, and you can't send teams of people out working without insurance in place."

Earlier this month, the BBC confirmed the show will return on September 7th.

Executive producer Jon Sen said: "From the moment we turned the lights out in The Queen Vic our ambition was to come back with a bang and this autumn certainly does that.

"As soon as Albert Square reawakens the drama returns at a pace and, although working within social distancing guidelines has certainly given us some new challenges, I am incredibly proud of what everyone has achieved.

"The show is looking fantastic and we can't wait for 'series two' to begin."

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