EastEnders' Tony Clay has teased that viewers will get to see a "darker" side to his character Callum 'Halfway' Highway now that his brother Stuart has turned up.

Tony Clay as Halfway

Tony Clay as Halfway

The 26-year-old actor - who plays the army recruit in the long-running soap - is excited that bosses have brought in Ricky Champ to play his troublesome sibling because he believes it will bring a new dynamic to the show and create an eery vibe.

Speaking to Sun Online's Soap Bubble, Tony said: "Stuart's brilliant, the character is quite dark but really interesting and it's a really lovely dynamic between Stuart and Halfway. And we get a look into what makes Halfway who he is through his brother with the darker sides of Stuart as well. Ricky does such an amazing job, just to come in and make an impact like he has, I think viewers are going to love him."

Tony is convinced viewers will be glued to their screens as the relationship between Halfway and Stuart starts to unfold because it will give them a taste of what the loveable happy-go-lucky chap was like growing up - but they may not like it.

He explained: "You'll see a change in him, you'll see he's been through something that's affected him and start to see him as he was. You start to get a glimpse into what life was like for him when he was younger. You get a glimpse of what might have made into what he is today. The relationship with his brother will be quite telling, and that'll be an interesting thing to watch."

Tony first appeared in Walford as Halfway over the festive period but bosses loved him so much that they decided to bring him back for a more permanent position.

His return from the army has seen him adopted by the Carter clan and he's now in a relationship with Whitney (Shona Dean) - something he still can't quite believe.

He said: "It's quite overwhelming at first. Even now, when you've been doing it for a little while, you just go oh my God this is mad. You feel like you're a part of the soap's history and that's such a lovely thing to me. It's nice to have that, really nice."