Eden Taylor-Draper says watching her 'Emmerdale' stuntwoman be run over by a car was "one of the most stressful things" she has ever seen.

Eden Taylor-Draper

Eden Taylor-Draper

The 20-year-old actress had the "best day" shooting a terrifying stunt, in which her character Belle Dingle is hit by Robert Sugden's (Ryan Hawley) car after running out into the road while trying to escape the clutches of her evil serial killer boyfriend Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson).

Eden said: "Lachlan confesses all to Belle, he kidnaps her, she escapes and runs through the woods out onto a country lane and she gets runover.

"[Stuntwoman] Donna had to run onto the car as it was coming at her, roll off, and it was one of the most stressful things I've ever seen.

"It's been the best day filming this."

Eden filmed the dramatic scenes on a country lane in Harrogate, and her close-up shots had to be merged with the stuntwoman's to create a seamless sequence.

Speaking in behind-the-scenes video posted on Emmerdale's Twitter account, Eden added: "The stuntwoman got hit, rolled over the car and then I did a shot of me banging my head and they merged it into one, and it looked like I rolled over the car."

Eden recently admitted she found it "very intense" filming scenes in which Belle feared the worst has happened to her brother Sam Dingle (James Hooton) when she discovered "blood everywhere".

She added: "This is the first time he mentally comes to terms with it and says, 'Yes, I've actually done all of this.'

"Belle is screaming at Lachlan, asking why there's blood everywhere. Lachlan, very calmly, just says that Sam was getting in the way. She can't comprehend it and she fears her brother is dead. That was very intense.

"As the week progresses, Belle's head is just a mess. She adores Lachlan, but she gets this shocking information and it takes some time to process it."