Emily Atack once had a three-way romance with a married couple.

Emily Atack

Emily Atack

The 30-year-old actress revealed that the unusual dynamic came about after she hooked-up with a man she met in a pub.

She shared: "After a bit of flirting and texting, he announces that he’s married but it’s OK because he and his wife have an open relationship and she wants to meet me.

"Now to some people that would be a red flag but I’m like a bull - red flags drive me wild."

Despite enjoying the steamy romance with the husband and wife, Emily felt very uncomfortable when she realised they were both falling in love with her.

The 'Celebrity Juice' star said: "It was all fun ... for a bit until they both started falling in love with me.

"I sat them down and said, ‘Guys, you have some issues you need to work out and s******* me is not the answer. I think you just need to talk to each other.'"

Emily admitted she found breaking up with two people at the same time to be a particularly awkward experience.

According to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, she says on 'The Emily Atack Show': "You think breaking up with one person is awkward, try breaking up with two."

Meanwhile, Emily starred on 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' in 2018, and she previously admitted that it transformed her career.

The actress has noticed she's been treated differently since appearing on the ITV show.

She said: "The main difference that I’ve noticed [since being thrust into the limelight] is what happens when I go to showbiz events. Before, I just used to stand in the corner by the canapes and nobody would really care that I was there.

"But now, the body language of everyone has changed. People that I love and admire come over and say the nicest things to me."

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