Emma Willis thinks 'Big Brother' needs "more of a rest" before the show returns.

Emma Willis thinks Big Brother'needs 'more of a rest' before it makes a comeback

Emma Willis thinks Big Brother'needs 'more of a rest' before it makes a comeback

The 46-year-old TV presenter hosted the Channel 4 reality TV show from 2013 until it ended in 2018, and following speculation ITV2 are looking to bring the show back in 2023, Emma believes it "needs longer" off air and says when it does come back there should be a new star at the helm.

When it was suggested by former 'Big Brother' star Alison Hammond that the programme needs a refresh and to come back looking "completely different", Emma replied: "I agree. I think new era, new host.

"I miss it so much. But I do think it needs longer. It needs a bit more of a rest."

Quizzed on what she misses most about it, she said: "How real it was. If you go back to day dot when it first started and how it just took all of us by storm it was just phenomenal.

"If it could do that again and if it went back to that it would be amazing."

Emma is to co-host a new 'Cooking with the Stars' series alongside Tom Allen next month, and she has tried to put in a good word for herself with contestant Anton Du Beke, who is a judge on 'Strictly Come Dancing', about appearing on the BBC Latin and ballroom show one day.

Speaking on 'This Morning', she added: "I did tell him how much I love 'Strictly' and how it's been my dream to do it. He went, 'Come on then, let's see if you've got what you've got.'

"We had a quick spin around the kitchen. I've always wanted to do it ['Strictly']."

Asked why she's not done it before, she replied: "Because it's that time of year when we do 'The Voice' and it's really busy. You've got to commit, and that's the thing, you either go hard or go home. It has to be full commitment across the board."

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