Emma Willis' boobs droop down to her belly button.

Emma Willis

Emma Willis

The 'Voice UK' host has revealed carrying and nursing her three children; Isabelle, eight, Ace, six, and Trixie, two - whom she has with her husband Matt Willis - has caused her breasts to sag and she can't get away with not wearing a support bra.

Speaking on Fearne Cotton's 'Happy' podcast yesterday (10.05.18), she said of her bosoms: "Mine just go to my belly button. Oh no I can't not wear a bra."

The 42-year-old presenter also opened up about being pregnancy and how she makes her husband Matt shave her bits for her before she goes into labour.

She explained: "Matt shaves my legs for me. When you're pregnant you can't even see your feet so it's impossible to shave your own leg. And I won't go into labour without shaving everything. Legs, armpits, you name it - if my feet aren't pedicured and my legs aren't done with my Venus Swirl razor. I feel a bit gross."

Meanwhile, the 'Celebrity Big Brother' host has agreed to slip into a pair of scrubs and work the gruelling 12-hour day and night shifts for 12 weeks in the maternity unit at a hospital in the UK as part of a new documentary 'Emma Willis: Delivering Babies'.

Emma will be responsible for admitting soon-to-be parents into the ward, taking blood pressure and assisting in birthing suites.

She said: "If I wasn't doing my current job, I would have loved to work in a hospital. Blood, guts and the workings of the body have always fascinated me. I can't wait to fully immerse myself in a busy maternity ward, alongside the truly incredible midwives and nurses who work there day in, day out."

'Emma Willis: Delivering Babies' will be a six-part documentary and will air on the W Channel. An official launch date is yet to be announced.