Emma Willis says she would present 'Big Brother' again.

Emma Willis

Emma Willis

The 42-year-old host - who shed a tear during Monday (05.11.18) night's live finale - appeared on has revealed she would love to stick with the reality show if it finds a new home following its exit from Channel 5.

Emma - who has the programme since 2013 - told 'This Morning': "If it happened. In a perfect world it would be amazing.

"But until we get there, nobody knows. Nobody knows who's going to make it. What they're gonna want. Do they want new presenters?

"And depending on what changes they make will depend on whether I'll be there or not. We'll see. Who knows."

Although Channel 5 reportedly axed the reality shoe due to a slump in viewing figures, there is still heavy speculation that the show - which first aired in 2000 on Channel 4 - will be picked up by another network and revamped due to its cult following.

Emma said she that she was unable to confirm of a return because nothing had been finalised between networkers and insiders.

She added: "I don't know. And that's hand on my heart, 100% - I honestly don't know. People are very non committal at the minute because I think people don't know."

The TV star's new show 'Delivering Babies' will begin on Monday (12.11.18) on Channel W, and it will feature her experiencing the gruelling training process on a maternity ward.

Emma, who worked four shifts day and night a week to complete the series, revealed that she was fully committed to the show and embraced the hectic schedule because she loves babies.

She added: "Babies - they just make me cry. I love it. It was just a dream come true!"

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