Claire King says Kim Tate will "kill a few people" upon her dramatic 'Emmerdale' return.

Claire King as Kim Tate

Claire King as Kim Tate

The 55-year-old actress is to reprise her role as one of the original soap superbitches this week - 20 years after the character flew out of the village in a helicopter - and while she admits her alter-ego is "worried" when she initially heads back to the Dales, she looks set to leave a trail of death and destruction.

She said: "I think Kim should be worried because I don't know how the rest of the village are going to react to her arrival, and there are still some grudges going on in the village.

"I just came into work, killed a few people and then went back home and had a sherry."

Kim looks set to come up against her old foe Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) in the coming week, and Emma admitted the pair will be at "war".

She said: "She's ruffling up everyone's feathers, and she's got history, and she's coming back with a vengeance, and it's going to be war for Charity.

"She's ready for gloves off ... I think that's what the viewers want."

Sally Dexter, who plays Faith Dingle in the soap, admits several characters should be "very worried" about Kim's return, and Chris Chittell, who portrays Eric Pollard, has teased fans to expect plenty of tears.

Speaking on 'This Morning', he added: "I don't think there are many good things to be said about her. It'll end in tears."

Claire recently admitted Kim will be "bigger" and "badder" than before during her one-week return.

The former 'Bad Girls' star said: "She is going to come back and wreak havoc, even though she's just back for a week. She does quite a lot in that week.

"She's bigger, badder than she was before, and obviously a bit older."

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