Paige Sandhu thinks Meena Jutla will split 'Emmerdale' viewers.

Rebecca Sarker

Rebecca Sarker

The soap newcomer will make her first appearance on the ITV show tonight (24.09.20) as the estranged sister of Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), and she admitted not everyone will like her alter ego.

She told Digital Spy: "I think Meena might cause division. I feel like if I was watching someone play this character, then I wouldn't like the character!

"Playing her, I love her and I think everyone should love her, but she does things where you wonder: 'What are you doing Meena, really?' So I can imagine she's going to annoy some people!

"I can see her making enemies with a lot of people in the village, too. In scenes I have filmed so far, Meena has already annoyed some people.

"Any woman who's strong and powerful will be annoyed by Meena. She likes to wind people up, especially women, and flirt with men."

Meena arrives in the village to reconcile with her sister Manpreet after a past argument caused a rift.

However, Paige admitted there is a "selfish" side to her character which will come into play.

She added: "She knows how to work people and she's a chameleon, depending on who she's talking to. She wonders: 'What can I get out of this person?' So she's really fun to play.

"Meena comes to the village because she wants a reconciliation with Manpreet, but there's always some selfish reason behind all she does.

"But the reason that she says she's there is that she wants to reconcile with her sister. I would say with Meena, there's always a selfish desire underneath what can seem a shiny veneer."