Dame Esther Rantzen loves sunbathing naked.

 Esther Rantzen

Esther Rantzen

The 78-year-old TV presenter is completely in favour of soaking up the sun in the nude, and doesn't care if her neighbours have a problem with it, insisting people should "look at something else" if they don't like it.

In an interview with Radio 4's 'Today' programme, she said: "Really if someone doesn't like the site of you in the nude, all they have to do is turn around and look at something else

"Have they seen 'Strictly Come Dancing'? Have they noticed the public enjoys the view?"

The journalist would encourage anyone to sunbathe without clothes on because it feels "completely different" to taking in rays while wearing garments.

She said: "You must try it, it feels completely different, you haven't got the sweaty bits where your clothes are overheating, you haven't got the bit where the straps cut your flesh.

"You have got whatever draught or soft breeze there is on every pore and every cell of your body and it really makes you feel wonderful, and far from neighbours complaining.

"When I did it on my 50th birthday - I wasn't completely nude because I was wearing a hat and a necklace too, actually- the neighbours came round with their children, who started to giggle.

"It's a good thing they did because my late husband was quite cross with me and was trying to remonstrate with me and when he saw the girls giggling he went and got the camera.

"And so the photographs exist but the terrible thing is, in my senior moment I'm trying to remember where those photographs are and I don't know."

Esther was offered £2,000 for the photos but refused and asked for £6,000, but her counter-offer was declined.

She said: "I was a bit upset at the time, I thought they valued me a bit cheaply."