Eve Myles has been cast in the new series of 'Cold Feet'.

Eve Myles 2017

Eve Myles 2017

The 40-year-old actress will appear in the ITV drama as a character said to be based on comedy writer Caitlin Moran.

A 'Cold Feet' insider told The Daily Star newspaper: "Eve is one of the hottest names on telly right now.

"The team are so pleased they've got her on board. They think she's a perfect fit for the show."

Her new character will be introduced as a close friend of Karen - portrayed by Hermione Norris - who will serve as the latest love interest for Adam, portrayed by James Nesbitt.

A source added: "At the end of the last series we saw Adam's romance with Tina fall apart.

"Now he's single his friends want to see him find love again. So Karen sets him up with her friend."

Eve - who is set to make her debut when the show returns next January - is known for her roles in 'Broadchurch', 'Victoria', 'Frankie', 'Torchwood' and 'Doctor Who'.

She thrilled viewers earlier this year in drama 'Keeping Faith', which has already had a second series commissioned.

'Cold Feet' writer and creator Mike Bullen is excited about the release of the new series, and is happy that viewers are still captured by the popular comedy-drama which has been running on ITV on and off for more than 20 years.

He said: "I'm delighted that viewers still feel invested in the lives and loves of our imperfect heroes. And I'm excited that we're being given the opportunity to tell the next chapter of their stories.

"We've got plenty of trials and tribulations in store for them as they navigate their way through middle age, and more than a few laughs and tears along the way."

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