Classic horror film The Evil Dead is set to be brought back to life for a new U.S. TV series.

The Evil Dead returning as a TV series

Filmmaker Sam Raimi resurrected his 1981 cult classic last year (13) for a reboot, which he co-wrote and produced with director Fede Alvarez, and now he is revisiting the scary project for a small screen adaptation.

Raimi has teamed up with his brother Ivan and original The Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell to create the show, according to movie blog

Campbell has even suggested he will take on a leading role in the series after responding to a fan's comment about the upcoming programme on

The devotee tweeted, "Only if (Campbell) is the STAR of this new TV series will I accept. Don't make a fool out of us long time fans", to which the veteran actor replied, "That's the plan".

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