The 'X Factor' tour stars were left fearing for their lives yesterday (01.03.18) when the roof of their coach was ripped off while they were travelling down the motorway.



The group - comprised of winners Rak-Su, Grace Davies, Kevin Davy White, The Cutkelvins, Lloyd Macey and Sean and Conor Price - were making their way to their show in Scotland when the incident occurred and they were left in a frantic panic.

A source told The Sun Online: "Due to the adverse weather conditions, the bus really took a battering in the wind. It was pretty scary - they were on the motorway and all of a sudden part of the roof went flying.

"A bunch of the stars and dancers noticed and immediately started screaming at the driver to pull over. It's now snowing IN the bus. They're literally in the middle of nowhere at the moment and it's freezing. Scotland's on red alert at the moment because the weather is so bad, so this was the last thing they needed."

Grace - who was runner-up on the show last year - later took to her Twitter account to share the incident with her fans and to assure them that they are all "cool" but cold.

She wrote: "ye so it was really windy on the motorway and the roof blew off and we're cool it's just a bit cold lol x (sic)"

However, Rak-Su's Ashley Fongho didn't have the same mentality.

He said: "I spend nearly every second trying to be positive but right now we're stuck somewhere 20 miles away from Oldham on the drive from Scotland to Leeds and I'm starting to lose my sanity. How can I make a coach full of people full silence immediately? I need the ability to teleport! 3km of traffic in front. The air lock in the coach has blown off on the motorway... coach had a wheel come off the ground. If I had the right equipment I'd actually walk through the snow to the nearest nandos. (sic)"