Faye Tozer didn't realise how unfit she was until she started 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Faye Tozer

Faye Tozer

The 42-year-old singer admitted that despite maintaining a strict fitness regime in her everyday life, training with partner Giovanni Pernice on the hit BBC dancing show has been "a lot harder than she thought" physically.

Speaking on 'This Morning' she said: "Physically it's a lot harder I thought. I was fit before I started the show I enjoy the gym I go to lots of classes.

"I thought my cardiovascular was really good and it's just another thing completely your body is battered in a different way each week."

The Steps member also revealed that dancing on the show is incomparable to touring with her fellow 'Tragedy' hitmakers as she had a much longer time to rehearse and her moves were easier to grasp.

She added: "People do the moves back to you so if you forget you just think 'there we are but with this it's like you're out on your own you really are I mean obviously together but you know."

Professional dancer Giovanni, 28, also declared that working with Faye was "easier" as she is willing to work hard and dedicated to giving a great performance.

He said: "It's not just about winning it's about good every single Saturday deliver a good performance and making the celeb look good.

"As I said before we just have like four days during the week to do everything to do choreography, to do technique to do musicality and make them confident in the dance.

"So yes it's quite tricky for us but when you start if there are people like Faye that really want to do well then it's easier for us."