Morgan (Lennie James) and his fellow survivors are to make their Fear the Walking Dead comeback a little later this year, when the zombie apocalyptic series makes its return to AMC in the US and UK. This weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, fans got the chance to check out a first-look trailer for the show’s second part of season 4, and now that teaser has made its way online. You can see it below:

Following the fall of the stadium in the first part of season 4, which saw Kim Dickens leave the series and retire her role of Madison Clark; the show’s lead up until this point, the series will allow audiences to check out how those who have clung onto their lives band together to keep on moving in a world that’s constantly against them.

James stars alongside Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, Maggie Grace, Jenna Elfman and Garett Dillahunt in the series, which looks to be grittier and more intense than ever before.

Co-showrunner Ian Goldberg continues to defend the decision to kill off Madison in the show, and said: “There’s a lot to explore there in terms of Alicia, Strand and Luciana. They’ve been on a very dark revenge mission from the moment we’ve seen them in a present-day storyline.

“They’ve stood down from that now, they’re no longer pursuing that. What’s next for them? That’s been their purpose, that’s what’s bonded them together. And now that they’ve sort of stepped back from that, it’s a question of, where do they go from here?”

That’s something we expect to be answered in the coming weeks, when the batch of new episodes make their way to the small screen! We can’t wait to watch it all go down…

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 returns Sunday, August 12 on AMC in the US, and Monday, August 13 on AMC, exclusive to BT TV in the UK.

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