Fearne Cotton insists "nobody asks" her to appear on television anymore.

Fearne Cotton feels snubbed by TV bosses

Fearne Cotton feels snubbed by TV bosses

The 40-year-old star - who has appeared on the likes of 'Top of the Pops', 'Celebrity Juice' and 'The Xtra Factor' in the past - has claimed she lacks the confidence to appear on camera at this stage as she feels like her co-stars will always be "way more popular".

Speaking to Will Young on her 'Happy Place' podcast, she said: "I've talked endlessly on different platforms about the fact that I've been sacked from I don't know how many TV shows.

"Nobody asks me to do telly anymore, I don't get asked.

"A couple of Christmasses ago when I was doing 'TOTP', the lighting guy - because I've worked with him since I was 15 - went, 'Do you still do telly? What do you do these days?'

"I'm not confident enough to be on camera today. The person I'm presenting with is way more popular than me."

Earlier this year, Fearne admitted she stopped doing some TV work because she found the reaction to being on the box "so overwhelming".

Back in January, the radio presenter said: "I did have a tricky period where I had to reassess everything.

"Some of the other stuff I used to do, I've had to step away from for now, At the moment it feels nerve-wracking, a scary prospect so at the moment I'm doing things that feel safer.

"The reaction we get from being on TV ... I found that so overwhelming that I started to dull myself down. I was diluting my personality because I was so scared of the reaction."

The media personality previously took to social media to tell fans about her anxiety.

In April last year, she wrote: "Anxiety crept up on me as my head hit the pillow and I just couldn’t get into a deep sleep.

"Recently I have been sleeping so well, so last night was disappointing but I’m not going to let one bad night set me back. If anything it’s a sign I have more important work to do. More self inventory, more self compassion, it’s a life’s work."

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