Ferne McCann feels like her baby daughter's "human dummy."

Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann

The 'First Time Mum' star is trying to wean her six-month-old daughter Sunday off the boob and on to formula milk because she's finding it really hard holding down a full-time job, being a single mother and trying to breastfeed her little girl day and night.

Speaking to the MailOnline, she said: "I've really tried to stop breastfeeding but when she's awake in the middle of the night, if she does wake up it's quite easy. I think I need to go cold turkey. I say I'm her human dummy because it's a comfort thing.

"I'm trying to wean her off the boob. When she stays with my mum she doesn't need the boob, it's just for comfort...

"I didn't want to breastfeed at first but it's so normalised for me. My mum did it, my sister it. I don't have a strong opinion on breastfeeding older children. I just think whatever works for you. It really doesn't bother me the way it does other people.

"If Tamara Ecclestone wants to breastfeed Sophia till she's three, that's fine. But breastfeeding is a full time job but when you're a single mum and a working mum you don't have time to do it. But whatever you want to do."

The 27-year-old beauty really tried to embrace her pregnancy - despite being forced to go through it alone because her now-ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins was found guilty of an acid attack - and she has admitted she was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of her vagina after she gave birth because she'd heard "horror stories" beforehand.

She explained: "My down below didn't alter too much and it surprised me because I thought it would change. And I thought do you know what? I need to change this...There's so many horror stories that put girls off but for me it didn't change."

And, although she's pleased with how her body has snapped back since giving birth, Ferne - who lost her baby weight with the help of Herbalife shakes - would like to have a boob job in the future but she'd like them to look as "natural" as possible.

She said: "My boobs - they say as a woman your boobs change eight or ten times in your life - and in the past year, my boobs are a symbol of how much has changed in my life. They are so different now. I'm not the plastic kind of girl even though I've had my nose job. I would like a very natural boob job. I'm proud of them because I've fed her and I've nurtured her with them."

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