Ferne McCann is "open" to dating again.

Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann

The 27-year-old reality star has revealed she is "ready to mingle" once again, after putting her past with ex-boyfriend and jailbird Arthur Collins - with whom she has six-month-old daughter Sunday Sky - behind her when he was sentenced to 20 years in prison after he sprayed acid over revellers in a nightclub in London last year.

She said: "I'm single and I suppose you could say I'm ready to mingle, but I don't want to go out looking for it as I've done that in the past and it can come across a bit keen and desperate, but if it happens it happens. I'd love the chance to meet someone, I don't know when it would happen, but I'm open to it."

The 'First Time Mum' star isn't on any dating apps as she'd prefer to meet somebody "organically", but after friends recommended she try out celebrity dating app Raya, she's considering giving it a go.

She added: "I'm not on any dating apps, but my friend told me about this one where there's a few celebrities on that, it's called Raya.

"But I don't know if I'll try, if it happens it happens, I'd like to meet someone organically."

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star also admits she still has moments where she feels "really sad" about the events of last year, but insists she is "moving on" and won't be "defined" by Arthur's jail sentence.

Speaking to The Sun Online in their Big Interview, she said: "I am moving on, I feel like I have to and I have to a certain extent.

"I do think, 'When am I ever going to heal?' and there are times when I do sit down and think about it and it does make me really sad thinking about how different my life could have been and the upset caused, but I have moved on.

"My day to day life isn't sad, I have a daughter, my life is very busy, I'm happy now and I won't let that define me."

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