Netflix have today (September 8th, 2020) dropped the final trailer for their upcoming original series Ratched, from American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy. Showcasing some of the chaotic action we should expect from the series - which stars Sarah Paulson (American Crime Story) in the titular role - you can check out the teaser below:

As one of the most iconic characters in cinema, Nurse Ratched has always been an enigmatic and mysterious personality. Now with her own origin series, we'll finally get to see exactly how she came to being one of the leading faces of the psychiatric hospital in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Asylum nurse Mildred Ratched arrives in Northern California in 1947, seeking employment at a leading psychiatric hospital which is on the cusp of discovering what they believe to be a world-changing operation.

Despite the claims of excellence, the new and unsettling experiments being performed on the human mind leave a lasting effect on Mildred, who puts on a display of perfection as a dedicated nurse, all the while doing her best to infiltrate the mental health care system.

Though she's got a stylish and luxurious exterior, there's a monster that lurks just beneath the surface, ready to be unleashed.

Paulson stars alongside Cynthia Nixon, Judy Davis, Sharon Stone, Jon Jon Briones, Finn Wittrock, Charlie Carver, Alice Englert, Amanda Plummer, Sophie Okonedo, Corey Stoll, Brandon Flynn, Annie Starke and Vincent D'Onofrio.

Murphy serves as executive producer alongside Paulson, as well as Ian Brennan, Alexis Martin Woodall, Aleen Keshishian, Jacob Epstein, Jennifer Salt, Margaret Riley, Michael Douglas, Robert Mitas and Tim Minear.

The show is produced in partnership with Touchstone Television.

Ratched comes to Netflix in its entirety on September 18th, 2020.

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